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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal can give you a quicker way to get rid of that unwanted hair, no matter where it is located. Our caring professionals will help you relax with their extensive knowledge and caring bedside manner. We listen to your needs when designing a laser hair removal program that is perfect for you. Some salons do not care about the results. They may use a “one laser fits all” approach, which leaves half the clients pleased, and the other half dissatisfied. Here at Lexington Laser Spa, we use the right FDA-approved laser for you, based upon your hair and skin color.

Lexington Laser Spa is the only provider in the area authorized to do LaserFast™ hair removal. This will ensure that you get the results that you want without compromising your safety.

Bikini Line

How many times have you been sunbathing at the pool and realized that some unwanted hair was showing? We’ve all had to deal with this embarrassing situation at least once in our lives. Lexington Laser Spa can help you solve this problem once and for all with quick and easy treatments. When treating the bikini area, the sessions each last approximately ten to fifteen minutes. Laser hair removal even gets rid of those painful shaving bumps. With bikini hair removal, we can remove a little hair or a lot; the choice is yours.

Full Brazilian Bikini Procedure

If you only desire a small strip of hair or no hair in the bikini area, then the full Brazilian Bikini Procedure is perfect for you. More and more women are choosing this every day because they love not having to shave on a daily basis, and they love not having to deal with nasty razor bumps. Just think—you would never have to worry about hair peeking out from under your bathing suit again! At Lexington Laser Spa, our female technicians will treat you with respect and privacy. And guys, you too—laser hair removal in that area is not just for women anymore!

Facial Hair

In central Kentucky, 25% of women have facial hair. This facial hair can lower self-esteem and cause frequent embarrassment. Laser Hair Removal is most popular on the upper lip and the chin. Luckily for these women, Laser Hair Removal is quick and easy with most sessions lasting under five minutes. Unlike other hair removal methods, you do not have to let the unwanted hair grow; instead, you can shave it while you are waiting for your session. Since the sessions are short, it is the perfect lunchtime visit or stop after work.

Lexington Laser Spa is here for the women who want to rid themselves of facial hair. Whether you are looking to get rid of hair above the upper lip, sideburns, chin hair, or hair on the cheeks, we are here to serve your needs. With Laser Hair Removal, you can continue to shave while you are waiting to come in for your first visit. We use the laser that is right for you based on your unique features, including your hair and skin color. Sometimes the area that has been treated may be pink for sixty minutes after the session.

Men’s Facial Hair

Just like the ladies, men do not like having to shave every day. The average male spends four to six hours each week shaving his face. Many end up shaving on a daily basis and sometimes at night just to keep a professional, clean look. Men end up with razor bumps that are painful and can even become infected. With Lexington Laser Spa, you can avoid ever having razor bumps and awful infections.

Underarm Hair

Warmer weather means having to make sure you have no underarm hair. We all have had incidents when we have worn a tank top and realized that we forgot to shave our underarms. Sure, it is quick and easy to shave, but who has time to shave every single day? At Lexington Laser Spa, we help you get rid of that unwanted underarm hair quickly and easily with sessions that last less than ten minutes.

Arm Hair

Lexington Laser Spa knows that no one ever compliments women for dark arm hair. Having a lot of dark and/or thick arm hair can be a cause for embarrassment—in fact, this type is of hair is called “terminal hair”. Save yourself the shame by using our expert technicians with the latest laser technology to remove all of that unwanted arm hair. Lexington Laser Spa offers many different lasers to meet the varied needs of our clients. Many of these treatments are pain-free and quickly completed. Some clients will have it done over a lunch break.

Leg Hair

Isn’t it about time to shave your legs again? Have you considered the fact that if you shave eight minutes each day, you are giving up two full days of your life shaving your legs! Now consider the reality that many women have come to experience first-hand hair-free legs for the rest of their lives. It simply happens with Lexington Laser Spa. You come in for six to eight appointments and never worry about hair on your legs again!

The procedure will take about an hour, so you are looking at about six to eight hours of your time to become hair-free compared with 48 hours of your life that you would spend shaving. It is also much less painful than waxing or tweezing. So is there really any good reason not to come to Lexington Laser Spa


For a long time, men have never really disclosed the fact that they like to rid their bodies of unwanted chest hair. The fact is, many women do not find a bushy chest very attractive. Fortunately, men too can now enjoy the same hair-free lifestyle that millions of women have already become accustomed to. All men need to do is step up and head into Lexington Laser Spa and see how easy it is to become hair-free.

Never worry about shaving or waxing that chest again! No more hair sticking out of T-shirts, no more itchy stubble when the hair grows back, and no more pain associated with wax hair removal. Lexington Laser Spa has been increasingly used by men who work out a lot and enjoy showing off all of their hard work without unsightly hair hiding their firmly toned muscles

Back and Shoulder Hair

Many women draw the line with back or shoulder hair on a man. Women just don’t find it attractive, and can be somewhat repelled because of it. Lexington Laser Spa doesn’t want you to get shot down before you even have a chance to speak! We offer a special in which men can have back and shoulder hair removed at the same time. This serves the purpose of making you look better and is actually more cost effective and saves time.